The Cocktail Queen can provide you with all the required glassware for your event.  Choose  a complete package.  We have a range of standard bar and cocktail glassware, along with premium glassware. 

Our glassware is delivered on a Friday to your location and picked up on the Monday - delivery fees apply.  No pickup is available.

Minimum hire order of $50.00 applies.  Standard hire terms and conditions apply.



Glassware Package



Cocktail Only

 Glassware Package


Type of cocktail glassware supplied is dependent on the cocktails your choose.

General Only

Glassware Package



Champagne, Wine, Longs, Shorts.

Durable Plastic

Glassware Package



Champers, Wine, Martinis, Daiquiris.

20-49 guests - $59.00

50-70 guests - $79.00

70-100 guests - $99.00

100-150 guests - $119.00

150-200 guests - $159.00


Should you return glassware NOT washed a $29 washing fee is applicable for packages upto 100 guests and a $49 fee there after 100-150, and 150-200 guest glassware hire packages.  

To hire glassware packages – credit card details are required in-case of any breakages and loss of glassware, including for the hire of durable plastic glassware packages. We only charge for glassware breakages/missing if it exceeds 3 glasses.  Anything 3 or below we don’t charge for.   


Please note a separate delivery fee of $69.00 for all glassware is applied for all events greater then 70 guests in attendance or if not hiring staff for less then 70 guests.  We pre-deliver the glassware on the Friday.  For events under 70 guests glassware will arrive with staff on day.  All glassware is picked up on the Monday following, unless otherwise arranged.


Our durable plastic glassware is not disposable it is polycarbonate cocktail and general glassware ideal for outside events.

In relation to the Cocktail Only Glassware packages depending on the type of cocktails you choose you may have some additional glassware provided (at no extra cost), or the glassware altered to suit the cocktails you have chosen.

In relation to the General Glassware packages we provide ALOT of glassware in these packages - this is because many people hire these packages for birthdays and weddings - large events where turn around of glassware can be compromised if there is not enough staff on hand to collect - so we provide additional glassware for our staff - normally the bar can be hit very hard within the first 1-1.5 hours of an event and if you haven't hired enough staff it is hard to get away from the bar for service, this why it is paramount that you book an additional bartender or glassy to collect and wash glasses for at least the first 3 hours of an event.

In relation to the Total Glassware packages these packages also contain a lot of glassware but not on the ratio of 'one per person' - if this was the case you would be inundated with glassware! These packages are devised based on the assumptions; not everyone is drinking the same beverage at the same time, and glassware is being turned over (ie washed and re-used) - the same which would happen in any standard bar facility.  

We have glassys available for hire for $175.00 for 3 hours. 

Packaged glassware inclusions cannot be changed and we don't provide individual glass hire.

Should you require toasting champagne glasses we also have these available on request in large quantities, and can be added on to any of the above packages.

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