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So your having a hens party here's everything you need to know about our hens party packages, including any additional costs.

Frequently asked questions

Who supplies the alcohol?

You do. The Cocktail Queen does not supply alcohol in the state of Queensland. All our pricing is for staff, glassware, equipment and bar hire only. When you book any of our packages you are given access to the website to login. Once logged in you are able to choose a cocktail menu that you want served at your event. Each one of these cocktail menus has a printable shopping list detailing what you need to purchase for your event. The cost of each menu is dependent on how many guests you have. So if you have purchased a 3 hour hens party package for upto 20 girls, and chosen the sweet sensations menu, the cost of purchasing the alcohol will be approximately $450.00.

What if I want a custom menu?

Custom menus are only available for when you are hiring staff only packages from us or for Mobile Bar cocktail partys. If you would like us to provide you with a shopping list from one of our pick and mix menus, then an additional cost of $29 is applicable. Once you have told us what cocktails you want, we will send you a shopping list of what to buy including the alcohol, mixes, garnishes and even how many bags of ice. We even print out the menu for you and bring along on the day! We dont provide custom menus for hens party packages or cocktail class packages.

Where do you travel and are travel charges applicable?

We travel all up and down the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, and we also travel upto Brisbane. We do charge travel charges as follows; Gold Coast is $29.00 (includes all suburbs located upto 10kms from the GC CBD). Outer Gold Coast is $49.00 (includes all suburbs located greater then 11km from GC CBD but less then 29kms) Out-Out Gold Coast is $69 (includes all suburbs located greater then 30kms from GC CBD but less then 50kms) Regional Gold Coast and Brisbane is $99 (includes all suburbs greater then 51kms from GC CBD but less then 85kms) and is per 2 staff persons. So if you have 1 or 2 attending it is only one fee of $99. If you have 3 attending then its 2 x $99. This is because not all staff are able to car pool. Whoop Whoop Areas - Please ask for a custom quote.

Are parking charges applicable?

In CBD locations of both Gold Coast and Brisbane a $29 parking fee is applicable. This is a given considering parking is horrendous in CBD locations. For delivery of equipment to CBD events the client must make available an allocated parking spot for the head staff person for ease of unloading glassware, barware etc into the apartment or venue. Our staff cant park 900m down the orad and transport equipment back and forth, so this space or a designated loading zone space must be allocated for both unloading and reloading.

What is the Hens Party Games Package?

Upon booking you will receive a complimentary hens party games pack sent directly to your door prior to the event. It includes 3 hens party games exclusive only to The Cocktail Queen. You can choose to either host the games or the topless waiter - we dont host the games.

How much should I charge my guests to attend the hens party?

we cant tell you how much to charge your guests to attend, but we can advise you to cover your costs. So once you have booked you total the price of the package you have booked plus the cost of the alcohol and then divide by the total number of guests. For example. Hens Party 3 Hour Cocktail Party is $379 Alcohol component is $450 Total cost is $829.00 Total guests attending is 20 Therefore $829.00/20 is $41.45 per guest. However we always advise to increase the price that you are charging so you can cover any other unforseen costs such as those guests that cant make it (ie you may only have 18 rsvp), or decorations or food you may need to purchase. Its our experience that girls will gladly pay upto $80 each to attend a hens party with all the inclusions.

What do the topless waiters and strippers do?

Our Hunky Hens party packages include semi naked men - please ensure you advise guests prior of their semi nakedness. Because of the competitiveness of our pricing choice is not available. If you decide to book a topless waiter with the mixology class keep in mind that if you have him there for the 2 hours during the class, he really will only be standing around looking good - they are not as per RSA requirements allowed to partake in the class. We suggest if you book the topless waiter for a mixology class then get him to arrive 1/2 hour prior to the class finishing, that way he can start serving any additional beverages you may have. Final confirmation of arrival time of all topless waiters and strippers are confirmed with you on the actual day of the event. At time of booking you complete the booking form of which you can choose the start time of your entertainment of which we then lock the date and time in for you. The topless waiters will serve your food, drinks and host games. The strippers...well we all know what they do!

There are a few girls that are pregnant, are they included in the total guest attendance numbers?

The Cocktail Queen Mixologists are great at making cocktails and also mocktails. All the ingredients included in the menus can be utilised to make mocktails also. So yes your non-drinkers will need to be included in the total guest attendance numbers.

Should I add food?

For those hens packages that don't include food, that's not to say you shouldn't have some at the event. Its our experience that many hosts prefer to put on their own food, and let our Mixologists concentrate on the cocktails and were perfectly fine with this.

What is included in the Mini Mixology Cocktail Class?

The mini mixology menu introduces your guests to mixology, and they will be shaking, building and shooting cocktails. Once booked you choose your top 4 from a menu of about 15. This menu is available only once booked, and then we send you the shopping list to go grab all the alcohol, which will include an estimate of costs. The Masterclass Mixology Menu is for those serious cocktail lovers who will be muddling, shaking, mixing and designing their own cocktails, again from a list of which you can choose your top 4 from, plus you get to design and drink your own at the end of the class. This menu is available once booked. The Cocktail Queen provides all the tables, shakers, muddlers, pourers, ice buckets...EVERYTHING to make those amazing cocktails!! The setup is quite large so you will need a fair amount of space, an allocated space where if there is spillage by a guest its not going to ruin any carpet. Many hosts set it up on back verandahs, alfresco areas, carports or indoors where flooring is not an issue, because trust us, someone will forget to place the lid on their shaker when shaking and will end up with cocktail mix all over them - funny to see, not so great to clean up for the host. If setup is in an apartment or CBD, please note space may be limited, so check prior. Air BnB and Holiday rentals may not let us setup until the actual day so we need to know this. There is a space on the booking form when booking to inform us of your party location and all the details we need to know. Regional areas are setup on the day.

Whats included in the flower crown class?

The flower crown classes consist of a boho setup - complete with cushions and rugs. The class is instructed by a qualified florist of which all the flowers and the crown bases are also supplied. And of course those delectable cocktails are made and served by The Cocktail Queen mixologist whilst you are making those cocktails! The pricing of the flower crown class package is inclusive of the Mixologist, glassware, barware, florist and flowers, and boho equipment. Once booked you get to login to the site to choose your cocktail menu and print out your shopping list.

What are the payment terms?

Prices are 'set in stone' and are 'very very competitive'. To book only a $150 deposit is required, there is no additional deposit required to book the topless waiter, stripper, florist etc. Final payment is not due until 14 days prior - at the 14 day mark we contact you to confirm how many guests in attendance of which we then adjust the invoice so you can pay. We accept credit card or direct deposit. All credit card payments incur a 1.5% fee. If you are worried that you might not get the minimum number of guests many hens party hosts increase the price per head when they send out the invites to cover this or any additional hens party costs such as decorations etc. If you are catering for 25 girls to attend expect around 18 to rsvp. Once you book, we send you an email to login to our website (this one), of which you get to choose all your menus - that's the fun stuff.

Why does the price increase per person with the Mixology classes?

With more people we need more equipment and require more staff so obviously the cost increases.

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