Frequently asked questions for your hens party

Who supplies the alcohol?

You do. The Cocktail Queen does not supply alcohol in the state of Queensland. All our pricing is for staff, glassware, equipment and bar hire only. When you book any of our packages you are given access to the menus,which you will be able to choose which cocktails or menu you would like at your event. Each one of these cocktail menus has a printable shopping list detailing what you need to purchase for your event. The cost of each menu is dependent on how many guests you have. So if you have purchased a 3 hour hens party package for upto 20 girls, and chosen the sweet sensations menu, the cost of purchasing the alcohol will be approximately $450.00.

How many cocktails can I choose for my hens party?

Our menus are pre-set for all our hens party packages (excluding the cocktail classes). Once booked you get to choose from one of three menus each containing 6 cocktails. These menus do contain all the favourites and are true and tested menus that we know work. These menus have shopping lists attached to them so you can purchase the ingredients for the cocktails. Custom menus are only available for when you are hiring staff only packages from us or for Mobile Bar cocktail partys. We dont provide custom menus for hens party packages or cocktail class packages.

What are the travel charges?

We can’t expect our staff to travel to and from locations without being compensated. The following travel fees are applicable per service attending the hen's party. So, if you have booked a hunky hens party plus which includes 1 Mixologist, 1 Stripper and 1 Topless waiter then 3 travel charges will apply. If you have a large party whereby we have to supply 2 or more Mixologists only the one travel charge still applies, as our staff are defined as 1 service collectively. <10kms Melb/GC CBD $29 11-20kms Melb/GC CBD $49 21-30kms Melb/GC CBD $59 31-40kms Melb/GC CBD $69 41-60kms Melb/GC CBD $89 61-70kms Melb/GC CBD $99 71-89kms Melb/GC CBD $120 90-110kms Melb/GC CBD $140

Are parking charges applicable?

In CBD locations of both Gold Coast and Brisbane a $29 parking fee is applicable. This is a given considering parking is horrendous in CBD locations. For delivery of equipment to CBD events the client must make available an allocated parking spot for the head staff person for ease of unloading glassware, barware etc into the apartment or venue. Our staff cant park 900m down the orad and transport equipment back and forth, so this space or a designated loading zone space must be allocated for both unloading and reloading.

What is the Hens Party Games Package?

The games in our complimentary hen's party games pack are 4 games exclusive to The Cocktail Queen. They have been designed and branded by The Cocktail Queen and only revealed to you once you book. They are interactive fun games that includes 2 team games and 2 solo games that involve the guests interacting with the bride. The games include the instructions and all the games cards and inclusions to play the games. The pack is complimentary so everyone receives a pack upon booking. It is sent directly to the nominated address on the booking form when you book. Our staff do not host the games. It is up to you or perhaps a hunky topless waiter to do so at the hen's party! Prizes are not included with any of our packages.

How much should I charge my guests to attend the hens party?

If you are worried that you might not get the minimum number of guests many hens party hosts increase the price per head when they send out the invites to cover this or any additional hens party costs such as decorations etc. If you are catering for 25 girls to attend expect around 18 to rsvp. Final payment is not due until 14 days prior - at the 14 day mark we contact you to confirm how many guests in attendance of which we then adjust the invoice so you can pay. We accept credit card or direct deposit. All credit card payments incur a $3.90 processing fee.

How long is a topless waiter for at my hens party and what time can he start?

2 hours. However if you book a hen's party with 40 or more girls we will gladly give you another topless waiter for 2 hours at your event for free! However you will need to ensure that there is 40 or more girls paid and present for at time of final payment. And you will incur a seperate travel fee for the additional topless waiter also. When you complete the online booking form you get to designate the time you want the topless waiter to start his 2 hour shift. It's in our experience to book the topless waiter to start half hour or one hour after cocktail service starts. So if your party starts at 7.00pm, get the topless waiter to start at 7.30pm. This way any late comers to the hen's party don't miss out on the topless waiter experience. If you decide to book a topless waiter with the mini mixology class keep in mind that if you have him there for the 2 hours during the class, he really will only be standing around looking good - they are not as per RSA requirements allowed to partake in the class. We suggest if you book the topless waiter for a mixology class then get him to arrive 1/2 hour prior to the class finishing, that way he can start serving any additional beverages you may have. On the day of the event you will get a text message from your topless waiter confirming his arrival time.

There are a few girls that are pregnant, are they included in the total guest attendance numbers?

The Cocktail Queen Mixologists are great at making cocktails and also mocktails. All the ingredients included in the menus can be utilised to make mocktails also. So yes your non-drinkers will need to be included in the total guest attendance numbers.

What is your cancellation policy especially during a pandemic snap lockdown?

You can find the answer to this and all our standard booking terms and conditions by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

What is included in the Cocktail Class party package and how much space do I need for the setup?

With our cocktail class events, you get to choose one of three menus. Once you have chosen your menu, "Cocktailology" placemats are sent out to you for your cocktail class along with your hens party games pack. The Cocktail Queen provides all the tables, shakers, muddlers, pourers, ice buckets...EVERYTHING to make those amazing cocktails!! The setup is quite large so you will need a fair amount of space, an allocated space where if there is spillage by a guest its not going to ruin any carpet. Many hosts set it up on back verandahs, alfresco areas, carports or indoors where flooring is not an issue, because trust us, someone will forget to place the lid on their shaker when shaking and will end up with cocktail mix all over them - funny to see, not so great to clean up for the host.

What else do I need to know?

Once you book we will send you a email going over all the final party pointers answering questions such as; where do I set up the bar area? On the Tuesday prior to the weekend of your event we will send you a final confirmation logistics email detailing who is attending, package particulars also. This final confirmation is not sent until the Tuesday prior to your event.

How much is the deposit to book and do you hold dates?

The deposit to book in and secure your date and team for your hen's party is $200.00. We absolutely do not hold dates without a deposit. Our packages are in high demand and we take bookings for all events nearly 2 years in advance. If you enquire and don't book immediately and wait until closer to the date, we can't guarantee a team will be available for your designated date. Your deposit secures all associated services with your hen's party package. There is no additional deposit required to book in the flower crown, stripper, topless waiter etc services.

Why does the price increase per person with the Mixology classes?

With more people we need more equipment and require more staff so obviously the cost increases.

How long is the stripper show and what time can he start?

15-20 minutes. When you complete the online booking form you get to designate the time you want the stripper show to start. It's in our experience to book the show at least 2.5 hours into the party. Girls have had a couple of cocktails by then and are definitely in the mood to see a male revue show. If you have booked a mini mixology class with a stripper show, we suggest you book the show for half way through the class. During a mini mixology class, we undertake a re-set of the tables after the first two cocktails are made, which gives the opportunity for games to be played or to watch a show. As mini mixology classes are only 2.5 hours in duration, we advise at booking your stripper show in for 1 hour after class starts. On the day of the event, you will get a text message from the stripper confirming his arrival time.