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Choose Your Cocktail Selections

So finally the fun stuff. Now is the time for you to choose your cocktails.  As you have hired a Master Mixologist you get to pick the best of the best cocktails, and if its not on the list, simply let us know what cocktails you want served and we will make them accordingly.

When selecting your cocktails we advise to choose no more then 6 different types.   It is from our experience the more cocktails on a menu the more wastage of ingredients.  If you have a menu of 10 different cocktails you will find that guests will progress to try them all and the cost of the ingredients will be far greater then if choosing only 6.  When you choose too many different types guests will discard the drink if it is not to their liking, even after one sip.  When there are extensive cocktail menu selections, guests will always gravitate to what they know best... an espresso martini, a spritz, a cosmo, so make sure your selections include some well known favourites for your guests.

Note the amount of ingredients in the shopping list that we provide you is based on the assumption that wine and beer will also be present.  Should you have 30-40 guests attending for 4 hours but think that your guests are not going to drink for the 4 hours, then we advise at indicating that cocktail service is for only 3 hours.  The consumption rate of your guests is based on your own knowledge - you know your guests the best.  

Master Mixologist Hire - Cocktail Selection Menu

Thanks for submitting! Your selections have been received. You will receive your shopping list within the next 3 days.