Winter is the New Wedding Season!!

Yes you heard it here first: Winter is the new wedding season. The Australian summer is sooooooooo hot, that Winter Weddings are now becoming the norm. We all know that summer weddings set the perfect backdrop for those bridal photos, but the Australian summer with sweltering heat, high humidity and smokey haze (Australia is very prone to bushfires), has many bride and grooms booking now for the 'off season': winter.

Winter weddings come with ready-made atmosphere and a fresh scenic backdrop that is picture perfect. They're an excuse for lots of decadence, opulence and creativity.

There are many reasons for a winter wedding, with great rates being the front running reason. But theirs so much more to a Winter Wedding...

Embrace the Season!

A winter styled theme can be whole heartily embraced from throwing blankets over guests' chairs so they can wrap them selves up, creating rustic open fire pits where marshmallows can be roasted, and creating signature cocktails (and not of the spice kind) to keep guests coming back to the bar all night long.

Winter weddings allow you to create a magical winter wonderland wedding, by incorporating a winter palette in your decorations and flowers. Naomi Bell from Naomi Rose Floral Design in Melbourne says; "Natives are the best blooms for weddings and fit with the great Australian scenic background". And by embracing the season and all it has to offer the use of natives is a much more inexpensive option. Naomi states; If you do want those spring and summer blooms expect to pay the imported price during winter".

And lets not forget that cake!! The creative colours of a winter wedding can be embraced in a beautiful winter themed wedding cake of rich flavours and deep winter hues. Patisserie chef and owner of Regnier Cakes; Melina Regnier says "Most of our winter weddings are still opting for the same designs as our summer weddings, but flavours change to more citrus fillings and heavier chocolate flavours. Instead of berries and vanilla, most popular for winter is lemon curd and elder flower, and chocolate and caramel mud cake".

Great Venues at Great Rates

Chances are the date you want for your wedding in summer at that 'Great Venue' is already booked. Though deals can be done and great rates achieved if you book for a wedding in winter. Like any business venues need turnover and its much more feasible from a business point of view to have 'bums on seats' then have no bookings at all, so many venues will heavily discount in the winter months. And theirs flexibility for times also in the winter months with a winter wedding. Suppliers and even the bride and groom can setup early and even depart late, in comparison to summer events where the turnaround time on back to back weddings is incredibly short.

Venues such as Coombe, an exclusive Estate in the Yarra Valley offer great wedding rates. Events Executive Georgia Callow from Coombe says, "No matter what the season, your wedding at Coombe will always be perfect. With seven acres of formal gardens that provide the perfect backdrop rain, hail or shine. We challenge you to find a more romantic estate in Winter! And with a winter discount on all packages and no ceremony fee for use of the Gallery, why would you not consider a Winter Wedding at Coombe! "

It's the season for 'Black Tie' attire!

If you want that pinterest look of a formal wedding then winter is the best season to bring out the 'Black Tie'.

The 'Black Tie' dress code on an invitation causes panic in so many men, especially when presented in the hot Australian summer months. Achieving that dapper level of dressing in 'Black Tie' during summer can quickly turn in to one hot stressful mess, simply because the 3-tier layer of the 'Black Tie' Fashion makes it incredibly hot for the gents. Bring on those colder winter months and your wedding becomes the hottest date on the calendar. Gents will happily bring out the 3-tier layer with some lads taking it up a notch dressing up with 'Tops and Tails'. Winter brings out the best in the finding their inner creativity when it comes to dressing in 'Black Tie' attire.

And lets not forget the winter Bride. Winter bridal attire for brides is exquisite with wedding wraps, bridal shawls and stoles a must have winter accessory for the winter bride. Team this up with a gorgeous long sleeve winter bridal gown and you have yourself a right regal event!!

Cool Climate equals Less Stress

Yes winter is cold... it rains, hails and even snows in some parts of the country. In winter you know the elements of the weather are going to be against you,...that's a given. Summer and Spring weddings can be unpredictable, the risk of wind, hail and rain can make the event planning of your wedding extremely stressful and potentially costly if you need to add a last minute marquee. With a winter wedding you are taking Mother Nature out of the equation, making it easier on your suppliers, guests and family.

Winter is Coming....Go the Snow!

We plan destination weddings for the summer, so why not for the winter? The Australian Alps are the perfect destination for a snow themed winter wedding getaway. The Snowy Mountains offer a great range of amazing venues, with accommodation and great guest services....all with the unique mountain backdrop to inspire. Thredbo Alpine Hotel, have it all with accommodation, lounge bars, great function rooms, and unique ceremony locations, including the most spectacular place to say 'I DO': on top of the country's highest mountain.

With creative insight and a bit of imagination, your winter wedding can be an enchantingly romantic seductive masterpiece.

Summer is soooooo last season..... Winter is the way to go!!

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