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Bookings, Confirmation and Deposits - All initial bookings detailing date and tentative numbers will be held for a set time period as specified in the original email sent, after which time the date will be released.   A minimum deposit of $150.00 (unless otherwise specified) is required at the time of written confirmation.  This can be paid via paypal, direct deposit of via credit card.   If written confirmation (in the form of a completed booking form and signed terms and conditions) and/or deposit is not received, The Cocktail Queen reserves the right to release the tentative booking. Once the deposit has been received the booking is confirmed and a confirmation letter/receipt with will be posted.  Payment of deposit signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Cash and Direct Deposit Bonds - The deposit paid at time of booking, is used as a bond for the event. Should any damages, or breakages should occur to The Cocktail Queen catering equipment including glassware, platters or any other equipment the cost of the replacing the broken, stolen or lost item will be deducted from the bond, with remainder money refunded to the client no less than 7 days via direct deposit or credit card.  Should the breakages exceed the bond amount then the client will be charged accordingly. Glassware or stock missing at time of party end will be taken in to calculation, and will be deducted from the bond.  Should a glass(es) be found following The Cocktail Queens departure, The Cocktail Queen will not pay for the glassware to be returned to headoffice.  Clients will need to return the glass(es) themselves at their own expenses, or this will be deducted from the bond. For all deposits paid via credit card, the credit card number will be held as a security bond until post event.  The deposit will be deducted from final payment at time of final payment, prior to the event.  By signing this terms and conditions the client agrees to and understands that their credit card will be charged post party should any breakages as aforementioned occur. Direct Deposits and Paypal deposits are noted as bond deposits on invoices and refunded post event.


Function Detail Confirmation - To ensure that we cater appropriately for correct numbers, menus and requirements, and beverage arrangements, must be discussed with the function coordinator no less then 14 days prior to the function start date.  Final numbers must be confirmed via email or phone call to The Cocktail Queen no less then 10 days for the party unless otherwise indicated. The final balance is based on the final guaranteed quoted numbers.  Should numbers fall below the advertised minimum then the price increases and at time of final payment your invoice will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the shortfall.  Below standard minimums are 12-15. Should guests that have paid on the night not turn up, monies for these non attendees will not be refunded.  Late attendees are accepted in certain circumstances, however The Cocktail Queen must be notified no less then 24 hours to the function.  Payment arrangements for the late attendees must be made upon consultation with The Cocktail Queen at time of notification.   Any late attendees arriving at the event and payment has not been received, the result will be loss of bond, or charge to credit card.  Once final payment is received NO REFUNDS are permitted, should guests pull out prior to the event.

Final Payment - Final payment for the event including any travelling/parking charges need to be received via direct deposit or credit card no less then 10 days prior to the event.  Cheques are not accepted. Pay pal is accepted. A 2.5% credit card charge for all payments made by credit card, including guest payments and PAYPAL.  

Custom Quotes - in some instances we provide custom quotes based on the client requirements of which travel and services will be all encompassed.  Custom quotes become available when we are extremely limited on staff requirements and need to move staff from another territory, when events fall outside of our normal scope or when clients what add on additional services.  When quotes are customize standard parking, travel, and service pricing is null, and the quoted price becomes valid. 

Cancellation Policy - EVENTS

In the event of a function being cancelled greater then 4 weeks prior their booked function, the customer will only be refunded their deposit (excluding a $100.00 administration fee).  Please note any monies owing will not be refunded until after the original date of the function. For events cancelled less then 28 days prior to the function date, no monies will be refunded, regardless of reason ie wedding/event cancelled. Once final payment has been received no refunds are permitted, no exceptions.  For all cancellations regardless of time frame, a $100 administration fee applies upon cancellation.  As you can understand we run a company and when you cancel an event that means some other client could have had that date. We have overheads and whilst we are mobile we do operate like any other venue or function centre with same cancellation policies.  Refunds are not permitted post event for food or beverages.  We only provide refunds for certain  circumstances and only on a individual basis not a group basis.  Should you not be happy with service please place the feedback in writing and address to info@cocktailqueen.com.au within 48 hrs of your event.  You will be notified via email of the outcome once TCQ confers with 3rd party providers within 28 days.

Cancellation Policy - If you cancel your champagne tower... We will refund you your payment (deposit or full) minus a $100.00 administration fee. We will only refund the tower 5 working days AFTER the original date of the function that was booked.  WE ONLY REFUND UPON A CANCELLATION FORM BEING COMPLETED - please complete online on our website. 

Pandemic Policy - During a pandemic, no refunds are permitted - no exceptions, and the pandemic policy superseeds the standard Cancellation policy.  We hold your payment for upto 18 months of which during that time you can reschedule your tower/event booking date.  Only once the pandemic has been officially declared over by the Australian government only then can you officially cancel your tower/event booking date.  Only then does the standard cancellation policy applies. 


Email us at any time.  Emails received outside of hours will be responded to next available business day.
We dont use auto responders.


Connect with us via socials at any time.  If your connecting with us via social media make sure you tell us what package you are interested in, how many guests, date, suburb location.  We cannot provide you with a quote without all the information.
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