Outdoor Wedding


We undertake many weddings, and have to admit we are pretty good at running them!!  Many clients are now choosing to organise every detail of their wedding with DIY weddings becoming very popular.  And that's where Cocktail Queen can assist.  If you are wanting to supply your own food and beverages and need the staff, then Cocktail Queen has staff to undertake every service need on your big day.   

Weddings take quite a bit to setup, and its not just about pouring a glass of wine.  Its about ensuring the drinks are adequately iced, the fridges or tubs are stocked constantly during the event, the glassware is collected and cleaned, plates are removed and so much more.  Whilst you may only have service for 5 hours, the setup and packdown hours must also be taken into consideration.  But dont worry we have worked this all out for you with our convenient wedding packages that include everything.

We have set staff hire packages based on how many guests you may have at a wedding, for complete bar service at your wedding.  Our wedding staff hire packages are for bar service only.  If you are wanting complete table service you will need to hire additional staff.

Our quotes are based on our current pricing of our staff.  Theres no additional fees just because you have used the word 'wedding'.  Its about customer service at the highest level ensuring the right staff are working with your intimate guests, making your day the most memorable and efficiently run!